La tour Eiffel from de Young Museum

On 26 January 1887, the company of engineer Gustave Eiffel began work on the construction of the tower forming the monumental entrance arch to the 1889 World's Fair, celebrating the centennial of the French Revolution. Seurat painted the spectacular construction in January 1889, more than two months before its completion on 31 March.

The exact viewpoint is not known, but considering the position of the sun, Seurat must have been sitting on the other side of the river in the afternoon, or near the quai de Passy (now voie Georges-Pompidou) or the allée des Cygnes in the early afternoon.Georges Seurat, La tour Eiffel, ca. 1889, de Young Museum, San Francisco

Georges Seurat, La tour Eiffel, ca. 1889, De Young Museum, San Francisco

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