Painting with the masters? I can do that too!

For the Seurat exhibition, the museum has devised a special painting game in which visitors can paint with a real brush on a digital canvas. The pioneering technology was developed in collaboration with Kiss the Frog and has never previously been shown.

The brush offers a genuine painting experience, which allows visitors to practice different painting techniques to perfection. They can copy details of paintings from the collection of the Kröller-Müller Museum and discover how difficult it is to create a true masterpiece. Of course, the painters look over your shoulder and offer advice. A real challenge for young and old!

So, if you’d like to apply paint to canvas dot by dot like Georges Seurat, or prefer the quick brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh or the sharp lines of Piet Mondriaan, then come to the museum and try the painting game ‘Painting with the masters? I can do that too!’ yourself, and with your (grand)children.

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